LipiDx AS

Oslo, Norway

Akobe AS - Founder and shareholder

LipiDx is an innovative Norwegian SME focused to improve healthcare quality by advancing the use of DBS technology. The company sells DBS kits for collection, storage and transportation of DBS samples and will soon launch a unique “Omega Heart Care concept” in the Nordic market. The company is developing a pipeline of next generation tools based on DBS metabolomics and lipidomics to address large unmet medical needs.  

Medtech across borders  - Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi

Norwegian medtech companies are increasingly looking to innovate, create and “Make in India”. A case example of innovation across borders is LipiDx, a diagnostic and healthcare company based in Oslo. LipiDx is a Norwegian medtech company backed by three seasoned entrepreneurs with roots in both Norway and India. The company's main focus is to provide diagnostic tools based on dried blood spots within cardio-vascular diseases, to address large unmet diagnostic and healthcare needs.

Using only a few drops of blood sampled on a filter paper, dried blood spots are ideal for clinical samples. They can be easily obtained, stored and transported to laboratories for analysis. Because of this, simple and affordable tests can be made available to not only the urban, but also the rural population with little or no access to quality health care.

Realizing early on the business opportunities in India, the co-founders of LipiDx established operations in New Delhi through joint ownership with their Indian partner, Lipomic Healthcare. Major investment has been made to set up a best of the class laboratory in India. “All the DBS kits that we sell globally are manufactured in India. We have recently started analyzing samples from our European clients in the certified environment of Lipomic Healthcare. We are collaborating very closely with them for development of our products,” said CEO and co-founder of LipiDx, Dr. Praveen Sharma.

Lipidomics is an emerging field for diagnostics and healthcare. The lipid content of mammalian cells is highly diverse, and many widespread diseases involve lipids. Cardiovascular diseases and obesity-related type-2 diabetes are two prime examples. LipiDx is currently developing a comprehensive and viable personalized heart care concept, and will soon launch a range of age-tailored dietary supplements. The two cross-border collaborating companies are jointly world-leaders in dried blood spot based lipidomics. Lipomic has launched an “Omega Healthtest” – the first of its kind in India. The test measures fatty acids that are affecting inflammatory and other life-style related disorders. “Having a foot in both Norway and India has enabled us to build up a unique competence. We have access not only the best of the innovative environments in both the countries, but also business knowledge and the acumen of working in the Indian environment,” said co-founder and board member of LipiDx, Dr. Narinder S. Sahni.

LipiDx is leading the Norwegian “India Business Network”. This is an initiative supported by Innovation Norway, the commercial section of the Norwegian Embassy. The network fosters Norwegian companies to actively seek business partners in India, and includes other innovative companies that are members of Oslo Medtech, which is a cluster of 160 medtech companies with cutting-edge innovative products.