OHO ehf

Reykjavik, Iceland

Akobe AS - Founder and shareholder

OHO ehf is an innovative Icelandic SME focused to improve healthcare quality for human and animals by advancing the combined use of food safety and health enhancing ingredients in food and feed product development. We believe that a health enhancing dietary solutions of food and feed components should not only promote good health by preventing diseases, but should also make good food better.

OHO ehf was founded by people with a special interest for the safety of foods, as well as emerging bio-based food technologies. The founders have joint experience from working together in the management of the ERA-NET consortium SAFEFOODERA and the European Association for Food Safety, the SAFE consortium. These organizations, aiming to protect the European consumer who assumes that any food found anywhere in Europe is safe to eat, acknowledge that the safety of foods of the future and of emerging bio-based food technologies needs constant attention.

Traditional lean white fish and shellfish products do not contain enough Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) to be effective in supplying the general population the daily requirement of these components. Traditional fatty fish species like herring, sardines and mackerel are not popular enough among the European consumers to be consumed in the amounts recommended by European Governments. Today expensive farmed salmon products are the most attractive source of EPA and DHA from marine food in Europe, as an alternative to dietary supplements. However, due to feeding regimes farmed salmon is gradually becoming vegetarian and depleted of omega-3.

Our idea is to provide the general population more choices by developing and promoting ingredients that provide both traditional and new lean white fish, shellfish and vegetarian products the healthy properties of fatty fish and olive oil, all key components of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

All OHO development are built on Governmental and scientific recommendations, and approved European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims. New omega-3 products developed should include all approved EFSA claims for EPA, DHA, olive oil and its components.


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